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• Investments of EUR 5 million to create plants for energy communities • In 2023, the Swiss group served energy solutions to 47,000 customers in Italy
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Swiss-based energy company MET Group continued its strong performance, recording the second-best financial results in its corporate history in 2023. The results demonstrate the Group’s ability to deliver results in a less volatile market environment. MET remains focused on its growth strategy and its role as a reliable partner within the energy industry.
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Switzerland-based trader MET traded a total 88 Bcm of gas in 2023, down from traded volumes of 109 Bcm the previous year. Nonetheless, MET recorded its second-best ever financial results last year despite a less volatile market environment compared with 2022, it said.
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The fifth edition of the Budapest LNG Summit, organised by White Paper Consulting, saw 30 speakers, industry leaders and policymakers from more than 20 countries coming together to discuss the future of the gas and LNG sector and the status of the most important regional projects.
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Once started as a gas trading player in the German market, Swiss MET Group wants to grow with renewables and green hydrogen. EID talked to Jörg Selbach-Röntgen, CEO of MET Germany, about market opportunities and what role green electricity and green gas play in the heating transition.
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Germany and Europe need more LNG and business-to-business long-term contracts to even out supply shocks and stabilise gas prices, even as demand is unlikely to reach historical heights again, chief executive of Swiss trading firm MET's German subsidiary Joerg Selbach-Roentgen told Argus.
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Energy company MET Group is supporting the 26-year-old Swiss world judo champion Nils Stump on his way to various Grand Slams, the European Championships in Zagreb, the World Championships in Abu Dhabi and the absolute highlight of the season – the Olympic Games in Paris. MET Group is thus underscoring its willingness to promote the sport of judo in general and outstanding talents in particular.

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